Ipogeo dei Cristallini of Napoli

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The restoration of the Ipogeo dei Cristallini has begun!

The project is extremely ambitious, due to the environmental conditions typical of underground environments, characterized by high relative humidity and low temperatures. In fact, due to the movements of the water inside the structures, the wonderful decorations are in danger of being deteriorated.

For this reason, the Central Institute for Restoration has first of all installed a microclimatic monitoring system to detect in real time all the parameters useful for a correct conservation of the site.

Some analyzes were also fundamental to understand the overall state of the Ipogeo dei Cristallini and to study the most effective strategies to protect and enhance it.

Thanks to numerous studies, it is increasingly clear which incredible historical stratifications the Hypogeum has seen alternate over time.

The millenary history of this place is told through its paintings, the overlapping of layers and brushstrokes, the sequence of the creative phases, the composition of the plasters and the precious pigments used.