Ipogeo dei Cristallini of Napoli

the ambitious restoration
of a precious treasure


The Ipogeo dei Cristallini represents a rare and incredible testimony of Hellenic painting and architecture, accessible via a small staircase inside a building in via dei Cristallini, in the Sanità district of Naples.

The ambitious pictorial restoration project aims to restore to the public the vision of this ancient Greek burial ground, capable of transporting the visitor back in time to 2300 years ago, for a unique cultural and emotional experience, which will also make use of the support of technological solutions.

The ongoing restoration project is partly financed with European funds / Campania Region (Por Campania Fesr 2014-2020), and will be carried out under the high surveillance and scientific coordination of the Archaeological, Fine Arts and Landscape Soprintendenzafor the Municipality of Naples, in collaboration with the Central Institute for Restoration (agreement of 29 January 2021).

The Central Institute for Restoration (ICR) has carried out the studies and investigations necessary to obtain a complete knowledge of the hypogeum, of the materials and techniques with which the decorations were made, of their interaction with the environment and of the mechanisms of ongoing degradation. All essential elements to be able to plan the restoration and guarantee the conservation over time of the Crystalline tombs.

The project was launched on 23 September 2020. A first step will be completed by the end of June 2022, the date on which the site, since it was discovered (1889), will finally be made accessible to the public and delivered to the city, with strict observance of the procedures and protocols, which the , mentioned above, will establish as a result of the studies currently underway.

The project makes use of the work of numerous companies in the sector, such as ROMA Consorzio, and of the technical collaboration of El.En s.p.a. for the cleaning tests of the frescoes with laser.