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The virtual restoration of the Cristallini Hypogeum at MANN

The virtual restoration of the Cristallini Hypogeum, presented during the Digital Day at the @museoarcheologiconapoli, makes us realize with our eyes and with great emotion what the Neapolis necropolis was like.

An extraordinary project that, once again, brings history to light and gives it new life!

Architectural survey with laser-scanner technology of the Cristallini Hypogeum by Federico Capriuoli (ACAS 3D) and illustration of the reconstructive study and VR Virtual reality App of the Cristallini Hypogeum, with interventions by Francesco Gabellone, Raffaella Bosso (Superintendency of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the Municipality of Naples), Carlo Rescigno (University of Campania L. Vanvitelli – Southern High School).