Ipogeo dei Cristallini of Napoli


palingen x ipogeo dei cristallini

We are happy to announce our collaboration with Palingen Social Regeneration @palingen._, an ethical and sustainable tailoring laboratory, which aims to give new possibilities to the inmates of the Pozzuoli women’s prison through tailoring work.

Naples Conference on Cultural Heritage in the 21st century

la direttrice generale unesco all ipogeo dei cristallini
It is with great joy that we thank the Director General of UNESCO Audrey Auzoulay and the UNESCO delegation for coming to discover the Cristallini Hypogeum during the UNESCO event at Palazzo Reale Naples Conference on Cultural Heritage in the 21st century.
Naples is the world capital of culture on an occasion for discussion between experts from countries all over the world, to discuss cultural heritage as sustainable development and the valorisation of the extraordinary beauty of the historic center of Naples, a UNESCO world heritage site.
Thanks to Paolo Andrea Bartorelli for making all this possible.