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Ipogeo dei Cristallini, in collaboration with the Fondazione Morra, presented Convivium eternum by Maurizio Elettrico. The installation accompanied the opening ceremony of the Ipogeo dei Cristallini and was exhibited in the courtyard of the Ipogeo dei Cristallini.

convivium eternum_maurizio elettrico_ipogeo dei cristallini

The focal point of Elettrico’s installation, partly inspired by the saga and also by the Greek funeral ceremonies, permeated by a sort of metaphysical aura, is represented by a festive table, a symbol of integration, sharing and joy, a starting point for weaving a new story. The table created for the Ipogeo dei Cristallini refers to a cyclical game between life and death but also between natural and supernatural.

It slowly turns into a garden, symbolizing a hopeful prophecy for the future. It celebrates the continuous renewal of life, in a cycle in which humans live in harmony with Mother Nature.