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CNN talks about the Ipogeo dei Cristallini, its incredible heritage of art and culture.

The article, signed by Julia Buckley, speaks of “a revolutionary opening, according to archaeologists, which promises to change the way we think of Naples, the Mediterranean in antiquity and even Greek art”.

The article by the famous international magazine emphasizes how ancient art is known throughout the world for what has survived time and in particular thanks to sculpture. While the examples of Greek painting are almost impossible to find and therefore particularly important.

Greek painting is almost completely lost, even in Greece there is almost nothing left of the pictorial decorations, although from the sources we know that it was important,

she told CNN Federica Giacomini that she has spent the last year overseeing site monitoring for Italy’s ICR, the Central Institute for Restoration.

There is practically nothing left of the paintings on wood or furniture, and there is little mural painting – mainly Macedonian tombs that retain important pictorial murals, but that’s not much. We have many examples of Roman painting, but very few of Greek. This is why it is a rarity and it is very precious.

CNN describes in great detail the beauty of the Crystalline Hypogeum, its importance and its uniqueness. We invite you to read the full article here.