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Rendez-vous de l’histoire de blois: les vivants et les morts

The 26th Rendez-Vous de l’Histoire de Blois has just ended, a privileged meeting place where historians can gather every year to compare their points of view, with the aim of contributing to the progress of research and of historical knowledge.
This year’s theme was The living and the dead, and combined history, archeology and funerary anthropology, through screenings, debates, conferences and much more.
Sylvain Bellenger, director of the Museum and Real Bosco of Capodimonte, during the Rendez-Vous de l’Histoire, opened the conference entitled Naples, the indulgent protection of weakness and the dead, with the Hypogeum of the Cristallini and its history.
Naples is an open-air Memento Mori that believes in destiny, and superstition is the art of averting it when every attempt to put order in the world remains hypothetical.
Thanks to Sylvain Bellenger for his support and dissemination of the history of the Crystalline Hypogeum.