Ipogeo dei Cristallini of Napoli


Culture is the purest form of reflection of the principles, values ​​and essence of societies

The opening of the Ipogeo dei Cristallini to the public and its enhancement set themselves the ambitious goal of adding a fundamental piece to the recovery operation of the Sanità district, the subject of an uncommon effort of urban, social and economic re-innovation.

The Sanità district has in fact seen a real rebirth, which has strengthened its propensity for art and creativity and has given more and more strength to the recovery of its immense heritage of art, history and culture.

The return of the Ipogeo dei Cristallini to the public means not only giving the city the opportunity to live a unique cultural and emotional experience but above all contributing to the recovery and social and economic inclusion of the neighborhood.

A fervor that is based on the example of Greek culture, which in this portion of the city was particularly active in all forms of expression and art, influencing social life in a profound and lasting way. In fact, still today it represents a model to follow based on cultural renewal, freedom of thought and criticism, which stimulates intellectual confrontation and allows the circulation and dissemination of ideas, projects, relationships.

Particolare della Medusa Ipogeo dei Cristallini
Ipogeo dei Cristallini